‘Incipient Impediment’ Photo by Kristian Wilding © 2004 Rules and Regs

Incipient Impediment Photo by Kristian Wilding © 2004 Rules and Regs

Hello and welcome to my website

I’m Janine, a choreographer and performer with a curiosity for what moves me emotionally and how this moves me physically.

I create performances that draw on dance, live art and theatre practices.  My ideas stem from a fascination with how the body negotiates the relationship between action and emotion,  and they draw on the personal, the universal and the horizon where the two meet.  

For each new work, my aim is to find the relevant physical language with which to communicate my ideas.  Investigating theoretical, emotional and physical aspects within the subject-matter help identify appropriate movement forms, and this leads me into territories that draw on but are not specifically located within pre-existing dance vocabularies.

The work you will read about here is instigated by my choreographic ideas, and developed with specific collaborators and mentors to bring the work to life.


I am delighted to announce that my solo Trace Elements has been selected for performance at Tanzmesse 2016.  I will be one of four British artists / companies showing work in this years programme.  The Internationale Tanzmesse NRW hosts the largest professional gathering dedicated exclusively to contemporary dance.  Trace Elements will be shown on Thursday 1st September.  You can see a full line up here.

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